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Our Programs


  • Legal Awareness Campaign for Women Rights.

  • Skill training for Rural Youths

  • Environment Education

  • Institute of Development & Social Studies, Uttarakhand

  • Modernization and Vocational Training Programme for marginalized sections 

  • Interfaith Dialogue for Peacebuilding

  • Modernization of faith-based schools 

Skill Development


Improved training and skill development is critical for providing decent employment opportunities to the growing youth population in rural India. Towards this end, PFI Foundation runs a  number of skill training programmes. See details here.  



PFI Foundation extensively works for peace-building agenda and follows a participatory approach to introduce interfaith dialogue through a joint consultative process among various faith-based educational institutions. See more details here

Development Studies


PFI Foundation has initiated an ambitious project to establish the “Institute of Development & Social Studies” in Uttarakhand for social science and interdisciplinary development research. For more details see here.

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