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Our  Vision and Mission

Our vision is to improve the pace of rural development and reduce poverty in rural areas.


Our mission is "to provide the communities with a means to gain successful employment in all possible sectors reversing the urban migration and to train rural youths on the ‘appropriate’ ‘skills’.


Our special focus is on “Interfaith Dialogues and Discourse of Peace”. We are actively involved in promoting strategies for an ongoing reform process in faith-based educational institutions in South Asia. 

Development of a Foundation Course on Interreligious Dialogue for Faith-Based Schools in India

The project aims to develop a basic training course on interreligious dialogue (IRD) for the Madrassas in India through a joint consultative process among various faith-based educational institutions. A model IRD curriculum is prepared  for implementation among the 600+ state-funded Madrassas in Assam (India). For details please visit:

KAICIID Centre Webpage 

Programs in Focus

Sri Arif Mohammed Khan

His Excellency the Governor

Kerala, India  


An International webinar was held on the theme Sustainable Development Goals and Inter-Religious Dialogue, It was held on 10 Dec 2021. The webinar was organised jointly by WebPlatform4Dialogue and PFI Foundation with support from KAICIID Dialogue Centre, Vienna. 

Sri Arif Mohammed Khan, His Excellency the Governor of Kerala, India spoke on India's religious diversity and Interfaith Dialogue.

Watch the Key-note Address here.
You can watch the recording of the full event here

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PFI Foundation is collaborating with KAICIID Dialogue Centre, Indian KAICIID Fellows and other NGOs topublish a "Practitioner’s Resource Book" as a comprehensive guide to support any IRD related programs of any individual, organization, community, and other stakeholders. The Practitioner’s Resource Book will provide a general overview of the nature and scope of IRD that can be used for informational, self-learning, training and educational purposes. If you like to contribute a chapter see the Call for Chapters or contact 

Partners in Development

The Foundation works in close partnerships with governments, donors and other international organisations


Since its inception in 1991, PFI Foundation has built a strong network of partnerships with governments, development banks, United Nations agencies, non‐governmental organizations (NGOs), community based  people’s organizations (CBO), donor agencies, corporates, civil society organizations (CSOs), universities and research institutes, and other consortia and enterprises. Foundation works together with its partners to identify, assess, and evaluate various strategies and institutional approaches  economic and social development.

PFI Foundation worked on various projects with following:



  • Action Aid, India

  • Development Gateway (USA)

  • The British High Commission, New Delhi

  • KAICIID Centre, Vienna

  • US India Policy Institute, Washington DC

  • National Commission for Women, India 

  • US Public Affairs Office, New Delhi

  • National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language (NCPUL), Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India.

The organization has been granted Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations, UN since 2012.

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